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Open Letter to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the Grand Old Party (GOP)

8 Mar

Jon & Stephen;

The endless stream of misguided drivel professing to snatch western civilization from the jaws of permanent moral decline was punctuated yesterday by a Virginia Law that legislated the sticking of medical instruments up women’s va-jay-jays without their consent. Huh? How the hell does that happen in the US in 2012? Seldom do Coke (Koch) bottles fall from heaven ~ (The Gods Must Be Crazy , Botswana 1980 <8:40 minutes into the clip>). That was until the Grand Old Party (GOP) started the 2012 primary season.

Biggerhead, by Betsy L. Brougher & William J. Atkins (with a dedication to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the GOP), came to us one morning as we arose to begin our normal writing routine. We flipped on Morning Joe and were confronted with Mitch McConnell in a replay of his Congressional pledge to obstruct all things Obama. We knew then that the turkey-neck, son-of-a-bitch had to die (metaphorically). Hence, Biggerhead was born.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this novella (an easy one-nighter) – attached as .PDF – available at for $0.99; Biggerhead evolved out of an evaporated love, and sincere frustration with the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Please help…



p.s. Thank you Steve L. … WJA